List of Workshops

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  • Blood Typing biology, medicine
  • DNA Rocks! biology, medicine
  • What’s Eating My Plants?! biology, environmental
  • Smell & Chemistry biology, chemistry, medicine
  • Latin Dance & Swing Dance health science
  • BASF Kids’ Lab: Happy Hands & Playful Polymers chemistry
  • Playing Music on a Computer computer science, technology
  • The World is Your Oyster! marine science, environmental
  • Programming a Computer Matching Game computer science, technology, engineering
  • Shape Shifters biology
  • DNA – It’s a Jewel! biology, chemistry
  • Preserving Aquatic Plants biology
  • Telling Time Like an Archaeologist archaeology
  • Do Fish Have Ears? Aging Fish Using Otoliths marine science, environmental
  • Ice Cream & More! chemistry
  • Flying Drones technology, engineering
  • Airbus: Learn to Build Structures with Nails! engineering
  • Engineering Workshop engineering