List of Workshops

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Anatomy Outreach Learn about hearts and lungs in the anatomy room at USA – this is not for the faint of heart! Biology, Medicine
Happy Feet Design and build high-heel shoes! Engineering
Tick-tock Grandfather’s Clock Learn the physics of clocks and how to fix a grandfather’s clock! Physics, Math
Exploding Dots Play with binary and other base representations! Math
Ancient Architects: Mississippian Moundbuilders Take an archaeological museum tour and construct our own Mississippian mound house! Archaeology
Chem’s A GEM! Watch how chemistry is used to make ice cream, cloud chambers, and fireworks! Chemistry
Quadruple T: Topological-Tic-Tac-Toe See how topology makes Tic Tac Toe so much more fun! Math
Glow-Up! Conduct glow-in-the dark experiments, including mini-fireworks and slime! Chemistry
Mini Motor Build a mini motor made out of wire and a battery! Engineering, Physics
CSI: Mobile Learn what Crime Scene Investigation is really like! Forensics
Skeleton Stories Examine human bones and use the evidence to solve the crime! Forensics
BASF’s Kid’s Lab: Happy Hands and Playful Polymers Learn the chemistry of emulsifiers and polymers to make your own lotions and slimey creations! Chemistry
Programming is Lit! Build your own LED circuit and learn to run your own light show! Engineering
20th Century Treasure Hunting Find hidden treasures using satellites and global positioning! Earth Science, Math
On Cloud Nine Think you have what it takes to forecast a hurricane? Learn how to predict and prepare for a hurricane if it hits your town. Earth Science, Meteorology
Aging Fishes Learning how to tell how old a fish is and make a necklace with a fish otolith! Marine Science, Biology
Diversity of Sediment Dwellers Learn about creepy-crawlies that live in mud at the bottom of the ocean! Marine Science, Biology
Octagon Sliding Star Make a sliding shape and explore the hidden math! Math
Cup Cake Chemistry Investigate the chemistry of baking and see what happens when you leave out key ingredients from a recipe! Chemistry
My Incredible Body Be a doctor for a day and test each other’s physiology! Biology, Medicine
Liar Liar! Use a polygraph machine and learn how to tell if someone is lying! Psychology
Spooky Chemistry Learn the chemistry of an iodine clock reaction and make your own reactions! Chemistry
DNA, It’s a Jewel Make a necklace out of your own DNA! Chemistry, Biology
Fashion Forward! Learn the science behind being a fashion designer! Engineering, Math